Saturday, July 14, 2012


Today Arachnid Games released tallboy!

Tallboy is a game built around the character himself, who just came out in a doodle one day.  I was sketching with Andrew Mar, and we both really liked this strange being.

So I began developing!  As always, I have my priorities all mixed up and when I get a new project like this I'll dedicate all my time to it.  Tallboy continued to push my schoolwork and hygiene back until the day he was finished.

All the assets were done in a simple pseudo-geometric style in Adobe Illustrator.   I animated the game in Flash, and coded in AS 2.0.  (I'll learn 3.0 one of these days!  : x)

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!  It was a small Flash project with a gameplay style that's been done many times before, but I feel like tallboy brings a new quirkyness to the endless sidescroller genre.

So, he may not be as popular as robot unicorn, but I hope he does gain some limelight in his internet life.  ;)

You can play the game here.

Here's Diane Wu's take on tallboy.  I love this.


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